Peter's Cave - 14 August 2010


The Deep - by Mario Mula

The Amphibians dive to Peter's Cave and Ras Raheb has been recorded on film by veteran diver Mario Mula.

Located on the north west of Malta and accessed only by boat, the Ras Raheb area is an environmentally protected area.

The sea is well exposed to currents, surge and swell and on this afternoon the conditions where mild with a low swell with wind from the south easterly direction of between 3-4 bft.

 Click on image to view video.

The striking cliffs plunge vertically to a depth of 70 metres or more and we started our dive by descending through Peter's Cave down to a depth of some 35m.

As a group we made our way to the right, exploring the sheer beauty of the rock walls and its abundant marine habitats, ending our dive by exploring the wreck of a 34 foot sailing boat which lays upright at 32m depth and a gaping hole on the starboard side close to its bow.