Bicycle Challenge 2010


1079876083_dsc_9708_mThe Great Bicycle Challenge 2010

When the magician can't recover back the item he has just vanished - you know this is no ordinary event.

And when the engineers can't get the machine to obey the laws of gravity and the mechanics are more concerned with looks rather than function and when the bankers and the accounts throw caution to the wind - this must be one big mad afternoon.

It was great fun - no doubt about that.

In true Amphibian style - the challenge was to race bikes underwater. Following on the heels of cycling all the way from Venice Italy to Manchester's Old Trafford, Jesmond was the first in the water. Honing in on the experience gained of photographing the Life Cycle 2010, John was able to capture some memorable pics!

Cycling around Malta under water may still be a bridge too far as cycling with SCUBA gear is still a work-in-progress project for the Amphibians. Whilst bicycles still need to be tuned and with most of us still catching their breath from over exertion and laughing, let's hope our magician locates his dive computer in time for the next act.

Click on images below to capture the spirit of the event!

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Photos John Wood

Video Mario Mula


Photos Marc Baluci