Verdala Palace, Feb 2011


A sizeable group of Amphibians attended the club's guided tour of the President's Verdala Palace at Buskett on Sunday, 20th February 2011.  It was great to learn that throughout the ages, men have been in the habit of carrying heavy loads on their back for sports - well not SCUBA gear in this case - but heavy protective armoury! Going to battle is no sports either, but the Verdala Palace was a good hunting ground and trespassers were often bbq'ed !  Well not really, only suffocated in steaming sulfur!! At least that how the story goes.

Enjoy these pics and see if you can spot the Verdala blue lady. Look closely in the mirrors and in the haunted woods.

Click on the pictures to the left to see the collection.

Photos by Sonya Silvio, Marc Baluci and Alfred Ferrante.

Video by Mario Mula.


Buskett from mario mula on Vimeo.