Amphibians Dive Club Malta
Monday, 18. October 2021

Full Day Diving in Gozo: San Dimitri & Gebla tal-General, 25 July 2009


Fantastic day at Gozo! Marvellous day - with temperature reaching 41°C - the hottest day yet in the Summer of 2009. Not the hottest on record but close  enough! The recorded hottest day was in August 1999 of 43.8°C. Diving was great too clear blue waters and plenty of marine life. The first dive at Gebla tal-General had some divers clocking 60m+ and witnessing a huge octopus, lobsters and plenty of interesting marine life. San Dimitri was also great with many seeing diferrent moray eels, cerna and plenty of other interesting life.


Video: M. Schembri