Amphibians Dive Club Malta
Wednesday, 22. September 2021

2011 Season Club SCUBA Dives


Underwater images shot by the Amphibians in the waters of the Maltese Islands

Click on the image to view pictures taken during the club dives organised by the Amphibians SCUBA Diving Club during summer 2011. If you have been on any of these dives, please send us any pictures you wish to share and we will gladly include them for the enjoment of all.

We hope you enjoy some of the most beautiful underwater scenery and marine life captured by underwater comeras of Malta, Gozo, Comino and Filfla which make up the Malese Islands.

Bassasa_16_JUL_11WEB Peter_Cave_9_JUL_11_WEB NIGHT_DIVE_6_JULY_11_WEB Peter_Cave_2_JUL_11_WEB
RasilHobz_25_JUN_WEB Irqieqa_18_JUN_11_WEB Xatt_Ahmar_11_JUN_11_WEB Irqieqa_4_JUN_11_WEB